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Men care - After Shave Balm

Men care - After Shave Balm
WELEDA / 100 ml
$29.99 CAD

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Soothes and calms


Gently soothe freshly shaven skin with the protective moisture of this light, fast-absorbing balm. It's a cool, luxurious moisturizer that leaves your face looking and feeling smooth and firm after a shave. Organic jojoba seed oil absorbs quickly to protect your skin without leaving an oily film. Biodynamic aloe is rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes that nourish and soothe razor burn. Myrrh has mild antiseptic and astringent properties that calm small shaving wounds. Your face feels soft, smooth and relaxed. Now that your close shave is no longer a close call for razor burn, you can go on being as smooth as your clean-cut face.

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