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Bella Vita - Lavender Eau de Cologne

Bella Vita - Lavender Eau de Cologne
BELLA VITA / 250 ml
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Antidepressive, relaxing, calming; the Lavender Eau de Cologne will bring you a sensation of freshness and well- being instantly.


Its authentic perfume in good for men and women.

Top notes: lemon, bergamot, fir.
Middle notes: lavender, soft orance, juniper.
Bottom notes: pepper, cedar, resin.
Can be used:
  • An after shower or after bath splash, the delicate perfume does not leave a strong odor;
  • As an after shave lotion;
  • As a replacement for rubbing alcohol for toning, invigorating and revitalizing for adults and children;
  • To reduce fever;
  • Against headaches by massaging the temples in circular movements;
  • In foot and legs massages, to help reduce the heavy leg sensation;
  • As an Eau de linge, dilute an 8 to 1 proportion, you can put it in the iron to delicately perfume your clothes, or in the washing machine at the rinse cycle, or As a spray for your beddings;
  • In your bath, a small amount gives you a relaxing experience;
  • Against head lice in the beginning of the school year, put a small quantity in the bath or massage gently the scalp or spray on (diluted in water).

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