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Body care - Topical Aloe Vera gel

Body care - Topical Aloe Vera gel
ALOEX / 60 g
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For skin irritations caused by cold, wind, heat, sun, insect bites, scrapes and cuts.


In a perfect world, we would never cut ourselves while shaving, never get a nasty burn from the iron or the stove, newborns would not suffer from diaper rash and children would never get scratches and bruises when falling off their bicycles… But life isn’t perfect… Fortunately, nature created the Aloe Vera plant! The gel from the plant penetrates the skin rapidly and deep enough to soothe and treat all these daily aches and pains. In the Islands, we are often offered a whole Aloe Vera leaf by the natives on the beach to apply to our aching sunburnt skin. What a relief! The cool and calming sensation is immediate and the skin feels soothed and moisturized. We then think how wonderful it would be to always have such an Aloe leaf on hand…but let’s face it, it would not be very practical nor would it be hygienic since the Aloe Vera gel oxidizes really quickly without preservative agents. Aloex first aid topical gel is as close to the plant itself as possible, in color and texture as well as by its soothing, anti-inflammatory , antioxydant and moisturizing properties. The topical gel is ideal in the medicine cabinet, when travelling, camping,in the car, in the beach or cycling bag, everywhere in fact. It can be applied as often as necessary on a clean wound, a burn, insect bite, allergic rash, cutaneous reaction such as nettle rash, psoriasis or eczema, even an acne pimple. The gel is fast acting, soothes and accelerates the healing. We did not invent anything here! Nature inspired us and in turn we can offer you a topical gel containing a very high percentage of Aloe Vera, without coloring or perfume and you do need to know this once and for all : a true Aloe Vera gel is NOT green and does NOT smell anything…and a transparent packaging will NOT protect its healing properties.
  • Speeds healing of bruises through its anti-inflammatory action.
Consult a healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist. Discontinue use if hypersensitivity occurs, such as skin rash.
Topical use. Apply gel as needed.
Medical ingredient : 96.8% (w/w) Aloe Vera from leaf gel (Aloe Vera L).

Non-medicinal ingredients: Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Caprylyl Glycol, Allantoin
  • No color added
  • Not tested on animals

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