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Lunapads Performa - Mini washable pad

Lunapads Performa - Mini washable pad
LUNAPADS / 1 un.
$15.99 CAD

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Performa mini washable pad from Lunapads.


The Performa Mini is a high performance washable pad that feels just like your most comfortable pair of cotton underwear. Dimensions are 8” (20.3cm) long and approximately 2.75” (7cm) wide when fastened.
Using 2 layers of super-absorbent microfiber, hidden between 2 layers of soft cotton jersey, Performa Lunapads were made to hold your heaviest menstrual flow and stop light bladder leaks in their tracks. The full coverage leakproof backing keeps everything off your clothes, while the wicking cotton top layer keeps you comfortable and dry. Performa Pads are so easy to use, just snap the wings around your underwear with the tag side facing down, and go about your day.

  • Patented dry wicking cotton top
  • Super absorbent microfiber core
  • Leakproof coated cotton base
  • Full coverage: 25cm
  • Healthy: no added chemicals, fragrances or adhesives
  • Comfortable: thin, soft and breathable
  • Eco friendly: reusable for 5+ years, replaces 120 disposable pads
Place the pad in your underwear with the tag facing down/away from you and close the snap to secure. Change pad throughout the day as necessary.

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