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Beauty Oil - Argan Oil

Beauty Oil - Argan Oil
MELVITA / 50 ml
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Unroasted argan oil is a true beauty secret held by Berber women. It is also traditionally used to massage joints and to care for the nails and hair.


The Argan tree is found on the Moroccan coast and produces an oil that is exceptionally rich in essential fatty acids and sterols. It has been known for centuries for its repairing properties on dry and sensitive skin and for its moisturizing and protecting qualities.

A real ‘beauty secret’ for Berber women, the oil is made from un-roasted Argan kernels; it is also traditionally used for massaging joints and for nail and hair care.

Fair Trade:
Made from hand-crushed kernels and extracted mechanically by the Ounarha women’s co-operative in Essaouira, using a cold-pressing system, Melvita’s Argan oil complies with the ethical criteria for fair trade: fairness for producers when buying raw materials, preservation of biodiversity and the environment, and responsible, sustainable farming methods.

Melvita guarantee:
First cold-pressing organic oil.
Colorant and preservative-free.

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