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Beverage oat - Unsweetened original

Beverage oat - Unsweetened original
SO FRESH / 1.750 lt
$4.99 CAD

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Beverage oat - Unsweetened original from So Fresh.
In store only


Unsweetened orginal is naturally and delightfully sweet and makes for a loving companion in smoothies and hot drink creations. You will fall in love.
So Fresh Oat is made with Canadian whole grain gluten free oats and is dairy, gluten and carrageenan-free. Smooth and creamy, it’s the tastiest way to get your serving of oats and heart healthy fibre— in each glass, smoothie, cereal bowl or coffee.
Oat base (filtered water, gluten-free oats), tricalcium phosphate, gellan gum, sea salt, natural flavour, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin D2, riboflavin, vitamin B12, zinc gluconate, amylase.
Refrigerate after opening. Best consumed within 7 to 10 days of opening.

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