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Body Care - Body Milk

Body Care - Body Milk
KARIDERM / 250 ml
$18.99 CAD

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Hydrating and nourishing care.


The KARIDERM Body milk deeply nourishes the skin due to its high content in shea butter (10%) along with algae extracts, silk protein and essential oils that will stimulate, invigorate and protect the skin. Easily absorbed it will immediately soften and moisturize deeper layers of the skin, which makes it a perfect soothing after-shave or post-depilatory treatment. It is a must to maintain supple and ultra silky-smooth skin.
Apply generously on the whole body after shower or bath and let penetrate.
Ideal for the whole family and all body parts, the Kariderm Body Milk is also an excellent after-shave product for gentlemen.

For ladies, we would rather recommend the Kariderm moisturizing protective cream which has a lighter portion of shea butter.

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