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Carbonated crackling cider - Rosé

Carbonated crackling cider - Rosé

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Cider obtained by the fermentation of fresh apple juice in stainless steel tanks, filtered and carbonated. This product is the carbonated version of our still rosé cider.
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Tasting notes
Visual : Medium effervescence with a light rosé colour with violet gleams.
Nose : Fine and light, this cider provides fruity and floral aromas.
Taste : Very light and refreshing, the assembly of McIntosh and Geneva gives this cider a fresh apple flavour with a floral finish. Moreover, a hint of sweetness gives a more than welcomed finish and the carbonation provides a very joyful feel!
Pairing : Excellent as an aperitif, to drink on a hot summer day or with friends around a winter fire. Pair it with sea food appetizers or cheese.

  • Alcohol : 6.4%
  • Serving temperature : 8°C
  • Format : 330ml, 750ml
  • Category : Medium-dry
  • Composition : McIntosh, Geneva
  • Shelf-life : 2 years

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