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Aromalliance - Creme phytonagre

Aromalliance - Creme phytonagre
PHYT'S / 40 g
$74.99 CAD

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Nutrition, balance and anti-aging cream.


Helps to calm hormonal imbalances affecting sensitivity, especially showing across cheeks and nose. Day and night anti-wrinkle cream, loves mature skins in need of vital elements. Evening Primrose, Borage and Soya oils are sources of essential poly-unsaturated fatty acids, indispensable for hormonal balance and the fight against effects of inflammation pertaining to the capillaries. Its organic free anti-radical Vanilla extract strengthens the skins sun protection. Phytonagre gives support, nourishment and regeneration to the tissues, and is excellent for a dry skin replenishing oils. An all round firming moisturizer. Small amounts, massage into skin with fingertips (include lids and lips).
When female problems damage the skin. Helps to keep tonus, tonicity, frimness and softness. Its powerful anti-ridicalizing capacity confers an action anti-age and protective solar.
After cleansing and toning up the skin with PHYT'S products, by a soft massage to make penetrate a nut of cream on the face, around eyes and lips, neck and neckline.
Emulsion of Sunflower*, Palm*, Vanilla*, Borage*, Sage*, Lavender*, Cedarwood, Vitamin E, Palmarosa*, Cardamon*, Soya*, Rosewood.

*99% of these plant ingredients come from Organic Agriculture.
100% of the ingredients are natural.

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