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Enzymes - DigestMORE HCl

Enzymes - DigestMORE HCl
RENEW LIFE / 90 capsules
$23.99 CAD

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Enzymes from Renew Life - DigestMORE HCl.


DigestMORE HCl is a comprehensive plant-derived digestive enzyme formula that contains Betaine Hydrochloride (HCl) to help digest proteins and support optimal digestion.
Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, if you have diabetes, gastrointestinal lesions/ulcers, excess stomach acid, are taking anticoagulant agents/blood thinners, or anti-inflammatory agents, or are having upcoming surgery. If you have a peptic ulcer, consult a health care practitioner prior to use. Hypersensitivity/allergy, headaches, heartburn or bloating have been known to occur; in which case, discontinue use. Discontinue use if abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting occurs, unless directed by a health care practitioner. If symptoms persist or worsen, discontinue use and consult a health care practitioner. Do not exceed recommended dose. Keep out of reach of children
Adults: Take one capsule with each meal, to a maximum of 3 capsules a day. Take with first bite of food / meal.

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