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Duck leg - Confit

Duck leg - Confit
CANABEC / 525 g
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Duck leg Canabec. - Confit
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Canabec distributes products from Rougié, a company specializing in raising and processing Moulard ducks. Its cuts include breasts, legs and, of course, the famous duck foie gras. Rougié has built a strong reputation over the years for combining highly sophisticated equipment with proven traditional work methods. The company also adheres to strict quality standards when it comes to breeding and processing, enabling it to produce duck products of the highest quality. The company’s health and hygiene standards are also among the strictest in the industry.
Rougié ducks are fed a healthy diet that’s fully adapted to their specific needs. They are exclusively fed top-quality grains devoid of any growth hormones and animal fat. An entire team oversees their growth and health from birth to slaughter; these ideal conditions consistently result in optimal growth.
Rougié has adapted its methods over the years to a number of factors, including a changing climate, to ensure foie gras of exceptional quality. Two slaughterings a week guarantee product freshness, much to the delight of chefs who are always looking for foie gras of irreproachable quality.