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Eco Pac organic cereal - Kamut

Eco Pac organic cereal - Kamut
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Eco Pac organic cereal from Nature's Path - Kamut.


Nature's Path KAMUT Khorasan Wheat Flakes is a blend of organic KAMUT khorasan wheat flour, speckled with whole millet, brown rice flour and organically sweetened for a deliciously crunchy cereal you can’t help but love. We carefully chose these super grains to maximize the health benefits of your morning routine. KAMUT is an energy grain that helps give you a nice mini boost, while millet is naturally high in protein and antioxidants. A single serve comes with 23g whole grains and is low fat, so you can start the day right. Enjoy this deliciously tasty cereal, filled with simple, whole food, organic and non-GMO ingredients.
Kamut khorasan wheat flour*, cane sugar*, whole millet*, brown rice flour*, agave syrup*, sea salt, maple syrup*. Contains wheat. may contain tree nuts, peanuts or soy.
*from organic farming.
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan & vegetarian