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Facial Care - Lightening Cream

Facial Care - Lightening Cream
KARIDERM / 120 ml
$39.99 CAD

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Lightening Cream age-defying corrective care.


The KARIDERM Lightening Cream is an anti-aging cream specially elaborated as a non-aggressive and natural way to fight age spots due to skin aging or sun exposure. The bearberry, alma and Damien extracts will slow down pigmentation to reduce age spots and prevent new spots to appear. The Lightening Cream will allow a better toned, flawless complexion while moisturizing the skin that will feel silky-smooth.
Apply day and night all over face until results are satisfactory, and then maintain one application per day (preferably at night).
The KARIDERM Lightening Cream acts on skin in a progressive way, by thwarting the enzyme responsible for the skin pigmentation process.

It is thus important to use it rigourously during a minimum period of 3 weeks.

Do not forget to also use a good sunscreen in order not to ruin your efforts.