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Fortified almond beverage - Original

Fortified almond beverage - Original
NATUR-A / 946 ml
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Original-flavoured fortifed almmond beverage.


You will flip over this Almond delicious low calorie, non-dairy beverage. Made with California almonds, all vitamins and calcium the body needs, Natur-a Almond is a satisfying non-dairy way to help stay healthy, happy & strong. Great hot or cold, over cereal, in recipes or as a delicious non-dairy creamer.
Filtered water, almonds, cane sugar, calcium carbonate, sea salt, sunflower oil, natural flavours, xanthan gum, guar gum, gellan gum, zinc sulfate, riboflavin, vitamin d2, vitamin b12, vitamin a palmitate.
  • 1% fat
  • No Cholesterol/li>
  • No Lactose and Gluten Free/li>
  • No Saturated or Trans Fats/li>
  • Low Calorie/li>
  • Rich in Calcium & Vitamins D, B2 & B12/li>
  • No Carrageenan/li>
  • No Canola Oil/li>

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