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Greek - Plain 2%

Greek - Plain 2%
LIBERTÉ / 750 g
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Yogourt greek Liberté - Plain 2%
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Crafted using traditional Greek methods, the yogurt is strained according to the principles of old-time cheesecloth draining, which gives it an incredibly rich and creamy texture.
Requiring three times more milk than a regular yogurt, our Greek yogurt also contains twice the protein of any other regular yogurt. It’s an excellent source of energy and the perfect choice for a low-fat diet.
This family of Greek 2% offers the silky texture, delicious flavour and numerous health benefits of our 0% Greek yogurts with the added pleasure of exceptional richness. In its simplest form, plain, it contains only three ingredients; fresh skim milk, cream and bacterial cultures. Otherwise, having the fruit at the bottom allows to appreciate both the quality of the yogurt and the real fruit pieces. And in any case, none of our Greek yogurts contain preservatives, additives, artificial coloring or gelatine.
Skim milk, cream, milk protein, bacterial cultures.

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