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Yogurt Canadian harvest - Raspberries - cranberries 3.2%

Yogurt Canadian harvest - Raspberries - cranberries 3.2%
IOGO / 4 x 140 g

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Yogurt Canadian harvest Iogo - Raspberries - cranberries 3.2%
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100% CANADIAN RASPBERRIES AND CRANBERRIES. Delicious Canadian raspberries mixed with Canadian cranberries. Double the delicious!
100% Fruits Harvested in Canada
100% Canadian Milk
100% Canadian Owned
Canadian Harvest
In Canada, we’re all about the good stuff, which is great because there’s no shortage of good things here. We grow good fruit. We produce good milk. So, at iÖGO, we challenged ourselves to create the ultimate Canadian yogurt that’s even better than good, by collaborating with Agropur employees and customers. With the help of this unique panel, we rounded up the best ingredients to create the perfect smooth and creamy yogurt. A yogurt made here, by people from here, for people from here. Nothing more, nothing less.
Whole milk, Ultrafiltered skim milk, Water, Cane sugar, Raspberries, Cream, Whey protein concentrate, Cranberry puree, Corn starch, Concentrated lemon juice, Active bacterial cultures including probiotic culture BB12® B. lactis, Pectin, Natural flavour, Anthocyanins (for color), Vitamin D3
100% canadian