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Organic tempeh - With sea vegetables

Organic tempeh - With sea vegetables
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Organic temph - With sea vagetables from Noble Bean.
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Noble Bean Tempeh is vegan, gluten-free, high in protein and made in Montreal. Organic soybeans are transformed into a super-food through natural culturing and fermentation. It's a delicious, nutty-flavoured whole-food and a complete protein.
We think tempeh is best served thinly sliced. Grilling or pan-frying tempeh until the edges turn crispy enhances its natural nutty flavor. Different tempeh recipes will call for various slice sizes, but in general we like to slice tempeh about 1/4 inch thick.
Noble Bean tempeh is uniquely fresh frozen and unpasteurized. This means the tempeh is frozen at its peak of nutrition. When thawed, it can keep up to a week in your fridge in a sealed container.
Ready to refresh your menu? With Noble Bean tempeh anyone can easily prepare amazing burgers, hot sandwiches, spicy stir-fries and satisfying chilli.

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