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Functional protein powder - Cricket powder chocolate

Functional protein powder - Cricket powder chocolate
LANDISH / 300 g
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Functional protein powder - Cricket powder chocolate from Landish.


Are you eating less meat these days? Then consider adding this blend of Canadian cricket powder and seed protein powders to your diet. Nice cocoa taste, balanced, digestible, no bloating, no sugar, no sweeteners like stevia, a complete amino acid profile, and a level of naturally occuring nutrient density that you won’t find in other protein powders—including everything you get from meat like vitamin B12, iron and complete protein. Make your shake, smoothie, yogurt, or baking mix nutritionally complete and delicious with this blend.
Cricket powder, sometimes referred to as cricket flour, is made of finely milled roasted crickets (the insects). Landish cricket powder is made from free range Canadian-farmed crickets.
Think that’s weird? Just think about the fact that over two billion people in over 80 countries eat insects as part of their diet and that crickets evolved from crustaceans like lobster and shrimp, the bugs of the sea! For a recent review of insects as a source of nutrition by Health Canada
May contain soy, milk and egg.
Contains crickets: if you are allergic to crustaceans you may be allergic to crickets.
Cricket powder, hemp protein, pumpkin seed protein*, sunflower seed protein*, cocoa powder, natural flavour.
*= Organic

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