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Gift set - All my lov infusion

Gift set - All my lov infusion
LOV ORGANIC / 24 sachets
$33.99 CAD

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Discover 12 of the best caffeine free Løv Organic herbal teas. Pure infusions, flavoured rooibos, fruit teas and functionnal blends…


This giftset contains 24 enveloped tea bags - 2 of each of the following varieties:
Løv is Zen
Løv is Good
Løvely Night
Rose Rooibos
Almond Rooibos
Pineapple-Mint Green Rooibos
Exotic Fruit Tea
Citrus Fruit Tea
Wild Berry Fruit Tea
Lov is Zen: Rooibos*, apple*, lemon balm*, blackberry leaves*, natural orange and caramel flavours
Lov is Good: Aniseed*, fennel*, liquorice*, cardamom*, ginger*, cinnamon*, pepper*, cloves*
Lovely Night: Honeybush*, rooibos*, cinnamon*, linden leaves*, liquorice*, chamomile*, lemon verbena*, natural pear flavour
Pineapple - Mint Green Rooibos: Green rooibos*, spearmint*, pineapple*, natural flavours
Rose Rooibos: Rooibos*, natural rose flavour
Almond Rooibos: Rooibos*, almond*, natural flavours*
Citrus Fruit Tea: Apple*, hibiscus*, rosehips*, chicory*, orange zests*, natural mandarin, orange and grapefruit flavours
Wild Berry Fruit Tea: Hibiscus*, apple*, rosehips, orange zests*, cranberries*, natural flavours
Exotic Fruit Tea: Apple*, rosehips*, mango*, hibiscus*, chicory*, natural mango, pineapple and passion fruit flavours
Fennel - Anise: Fennel*, anise*
Linden - Rose: Apple*, linden leaves*, lavander*, natural rose flavour
Verbena: Lemon verbena*

*Organically grown ingredients
  • Certified organic by Ecocert France SAS

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