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Handmade soap - Balsam fir & Cedar

Handmade soap - Balsam fir & Cedar
MÉLIA / 100 g
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Balsam fir & Cedar handmade soap from Mélia.


Made according to the traditional cold saponification process, our handcrafted artisan soaps are made with precious plant-sourced oils which makes them mild and non-drying for the skin.

Perfumed with balsam fir and cedar, the scent of this men’s soap is a proud ambassador of our Quebec forests.
Olea europaea (Huile d’olive / Olive oil)*, Cocos nucifera (Huile de coco / Coconut oil)*, Elaeis guineesis (Huile de palme / Palm oil)*, Hydroxyde de sodium / Sodium hydroxide, Butyrospermum parkii (Beurre de karité / Shea butter)*, Huiles essentielles / Essential oils (Salvia officinalis (Sauge / Sage), Abies balsamea (Sapin baumier / Balsam fir, Pinus sylvestris (Pin sylvestre / Scotch pine), Juniperus virginiana (Cèdre / Cedar), Citrus bergamia (Bergamote / Bergamot)), Cera alba (Cire d’abeille / Beeswax)°*, Prunus dulcis (Huile d’amande douce / Sweet almond oil), Miel / Honey°*, Oxyde turquoise / Turquoise oxide, Oxyde jaune, Yellow oxide, Extrait de pépins de Citrus paradisi (Pamplemousse / Grapefruit) seed extract, Vitamine E / Vitamin E, Argile verte, Green clay, Oxyde vert / Green oxide.