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Healthy tea - Ginseng Yelong tea

Healthy tea - Ginseng Yelong tea
THÉS DE LA PAGODE / 30 tea bags
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Yelong tea combines the effects of the best ginseng of Manchuria in China with the taste of the finest oolong and Pu-erh teas. It is made from very rare vintages of tea with noteworthy properties, picked from gardens at high altitudes.


Called “flower of life” or “root of long life” by the Chinese, ginseng is a natural fortifier and effective combatant against both physical and mental fatigue. This adaptogen plant stimulates the body’s ability to fight different kinds of stress, whatever their cause; it also helps to maintain a healthy balance between stress and vitality.

According to Chinese tradition, ginseng root is most effective when consumed as an infusion. We recommend using Yelong as an infusion to promote youth and vitality as the seasons change, for 1 to 2 month periods.