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Herbamare - Vegetable Broth

Herbamare - Vegetable Broth
A. VOGEL / 88 g
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Vegetable Broth


Enhance the flavor of all your dishes with Herbamare vegetable broth. Use it as a base for soups, sauces or stews or for cooking rice, risotto, pasta, couscous and vegetables.
Sea salt, palm fat*, maltodextrin* (from maize), raw cane sugar*, yeast extract*, vegetables* (parsley*, carrots*, parsnip*, leek*, onions*), chicory extract*, spices (lovage*, curcuma*, garlic*, mace*), shiitake mushrooms*.

*Certified organically-grown by: CH-BIO-004 EU/non-EU Agriculture
-Lactose and Gluten-free
To prepare broth or a base for a sauce: Dissolve 1 cube in 500 mL of boiling water.

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