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Bali’Sun - Virgin Coconut Oil

Bali’Sun - Virgin Coconut Oil
BALI SUN / 710 ml

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Rich in essential fatty acids. Increases metabolism (for weight loss) and energy.


This biologically pure coconut oil is produced from fresh coconut milk using a unique chemical-free ultra cold process.

The coconut oil is separated from the milk emulsion through a proprietary process executed within the shortest time to yield a crystal clear oil with the highest range and density of volatile flavour compounds.

These compounds are composed mainly of lactones from the beneficial medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs), namely caprylic (C-8), capric(C-10), and lauric (C-12). This process enhances the oil's antioxidant properties for maximum stability and shelflife.

The superior quality of Bali'Sun is reflected in its silky smooth taste and delicate coconut flavour and aroma. It has no unpleasant aftertaste.

Bali'Sun is the ideal cooking oil. Use it for baking, frying and sauting. You can also take it raw and savour its delicious taste right off the spoon or in smoothies and your favorite desserts. At temperature below 50 C it will solidify to coconut butter. Ingredients: 100% virgin coconut oil.
  • Increased metabolism (weight loss)
  • Stimulates immunity against viruses and bacterias
  • Promotes heart health (it contains antioxidants to help increase the good cholesterol)
  • Promotes healthy bones (coconut oil promotes the proper functioning of the pancreas, allowing pancreatic enzymes to better absorb calcium)
  • 100% pure,unrefined virgin coconut oil
  • Crystal clear liquid free of contammants
  • Maximum concentration of medium chain fatty acids
  • Highest concentration of antioxidants
  • Improves digestion and nutrient abs
  • orption
  • Promote loss ofg excess weight
  • Antibacterial,antiviral,antifungal
  • Guaranteed long shelf life
  • Heat resistant-the best oil for cooking

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