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Essential oil - Marjoram

Essential oil - Marjoram
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Use essential oils to promote well-being physically and psychologically.


Every essential oil is a unique combination of elements which interact directly with the chemistry of the human body and have effects on certain organs or systems. Applied locally, the oils are easily absorbed through the skin and transported elsewhere in the body.

The essential oils have properties to trigger a general feeling of relaxation or, conversely, stimulation. Inhaling the fragrance of essential oil works instantly on our psychological well-being.
- Bronchitis
- Rheumatic and arthritic inflammation
- It is important to know the effects of each oil before using them or mixing them together.
- Do not use essential oils from a plant you are allergic.
- If you suffer from liverworts, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you suffer from epilepsy or other neurological problems, use essential oils only under the supervision of an aroma therapist.
- Use a very small amount because essential oils have a very high concentration. (1-3 drops, 3 times a day is sufficient).
- To avoid irritation, do not use directly on skin (mix with oil).

Body Care:
- In the bath (5-8 drops)
- In the face masks (a few drops)
- In massage or body oils (a few drops)

Therapeutic effects:
- For the airway, place 1-3 drops of essential oil in a bowl of hot water and inhale the steam that comes out during 5-10 minutes.

Ambiance fragrance:
- Add few drops of essential oil into the melted wax of a candle and light it.
- In an electric diffuser.
- In the water of a humidifier.
- Apply the filter of a vacuum cleaner.
- Add 1-2 drops in a cup of hot water (not boiling) and spray throughout the house.

- 3 drops equals 1 teaspoon of dried herbs, chopped finely.
- Essential oils must be mixed with honey, olive oil and maple syrup.
- Add the mixture with the essential oil at the end because if it is heated, it may evaporate completely.
Hot and herbaceous aroma reminding of the smell of oregano. Used in the composition of seasonings, sauces, soaps, perfumes.