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Immunia - Kids Organic Cold & Flu

Immunia - Kids Organic Cold & Flu
FRUITOMED / 120 ml
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Immunia - Kids Organic from Fruitomed.


With its delicious taste, here is a pleasant solution to regularize children’s immune system and help them tackle germs! (2 years +)
MMUNIA KIDS is a concentrate of elderberry to helps modulate and regularize the immune system in order to PREVENT and RELIEVE cold and flu symptoms (influenza). Enables children to benefit both from the antiviral properties of elderberries and from the well-known benefits of wild blueberries on health.
Can be taken daily during during cold and flu season.
Produit de santé naturel autorisé et contrôlé par Santé Canada et certifié BIOLOGIQUE par Écocert Canada.

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