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Inuit herbal tea - Blend with Labrador tea (Mamaittuqutik)

Inuit herbal tea - Blend with Labrador tea (Mamaittuqutik)
DÉLICE BORÉAL / 20 sachets
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Inuit herbal tea from Délice Boréal - Blend with Labrador tea (Mamaittuqutik).


A calming yet spirited blend of Labrador tea leaves, bearberry and peppermint, the real secret to the deeply satisfying flavour of Northern Delights blend is hand picked Labrador tea herbs harvested from the tundra of Nunavik. The complexity of finished is layered for perfect relaxtion, rejuvenation and contemplation. Traditionnally, it is used by the Inuit to treat respiratory difficulties, bleedings and all kind of minor pains.
Bearberry leaves, peppermint leaves, Labrador tea leaves (Mamaittuqutik), licorice root, eucalyptus leaves, bitter fennel seeds, coltsfoot leaves, ginger root.