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Kombucha Zero organic - Blueberry

Kombucha Zero organic - Blueberry
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Kombucha Zero organic - Blueberry from Vee kombucha.
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Blueberry nicknamed SENSATION: Get that feeling of well-being so popular in your daily life. Brewed with premium oolong tea to get the most properties, Cornflower will give you the sensation of drinking an elixir of life like no other!
Because our unique fermentation process and the quality of our ingredients, we are able to prepare a kombucha both delicious, refreshing and very little sweet.
  • Lss then 1g of sugar per 355ml
  • Certify organic (Ecocert Canada)
  • Only sweetened with stevia
  • Raw and gluten free
  • Made in Quebec
Contain less than 1 gramme of sugar per bottle, fifteen times less sweats than regular kombucha.
Ffteen times less sweats than regular kombucha, a natural sweetener without calorie.
Contain only 2 calories per portion, making it a valuable ally in maintaining good health!

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