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Kombucha Zero Love - Organic Jasmine hibiscus

Kombucha Zero Love - Organic Jasmine hibiscus
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Kombucha Zéro Vee Kombucha - Organic Jasmine hibiscus.
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Jasmine-Hibiscus nicknamed LOVE: This delicious nectar of love, sweetened only with stevia, will seduce you from the first sip. Love for love and passion ... Hibiscus and jasmine tea blend perfectly with kombucha. The subtle touch of cinnamon completes perfectly this delicious beverage for which you will surely succumb.
Due to our unique fermentation process and the quality of our ingredients, we are able to create a kombucha that is delicious, refreshing and low in sugar.
Because we value respecting traditions and your health, Vee Zero Kombucha:
  • CONTAINS LESS THAN ONE GRAM OF SUGAR PER BOTTLE, which is 15 times less sweet than other Kombuchas.
  • SWEETENED WITH STEVIA, a calorie-free natural sweetener.
  • CONTAINS ONLY 2 CALORIES PER SERVING, which makes it a valuable ally to maintaining good health!
  • Less then 1g of sugar per 355ml.
  • Certify organic Ecocert Canada.
  • Only sweetened with stevia.
  • Raw and gluten free.
  • Made in Quebec.

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