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Lentil chips - Dill & sour cream

Lentil chips - Dill & sour cream
ENJOY LIFE / 113 g
$3.99 CAD

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Lentil chips - Dill & sour cream from Enjoy Life.


A little tangy and a little luscious, our Dill & Sour Cream Lentil Chips will make your taste buds dance.
Chips with benefits. From ancient times to the present, the lentil has been one of the best sources of plant-based protein and is a staple in diets throughout the world. Enjoy Life Foods has captured the essence of this vital legume’s all-natural goodness and turned it into a unique, protein-packed, crunchy experience. Every PlentilsMD chip bursts with flavour and is a truly tasty “better-for-you” treat.
  • Free wheat
  • Free peanuts
  • Free tree nuts
  • Free milk
  • Free casein
  • Free soy
  • Free egg
  • Free sesame
  • Free sulfites
  • Free lupin
  • Free mustard
  • Free fish
  • Free shellfish
  • Free crustaceans

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