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Bella Via - Rendez-vous lip balm

Bella Via - Rendez-vous lip balm
BELLA VITA / 4.25g
$6.99 CAD

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RENDEZ-VOUS LIP BALM was made in the same fashion as the famous Miracle hand balm. It's a complete care for the lips for long lasting healing, moisturizing effect and protection.


Your lips will come back to life!

This balm is designed to restore chapped, cracked dried lips and bring back their elasticity, softness and comfort for a long lasting effect.

N.B. Your lipstick and/or your gloss will hold very well on it.
Propolis (resin collected by bees on the buds of trees to seal their hives), has very powerful antiseptic, antibiotic and healing effects.

Comfrey a plant whose extracts have healing, anti-itching and soothing effects.

Emu oil, in addition to being hyper hydrating and rich for the skin, has healing, soothing and antifungal properties.

Castor oil is soothing, soft and nourishing.

Avocado Oil, in addition to being softening, regenerating and strengthening, it offers an effective protection against the sun rays, the wind and the cold.

Beeswax softens and protects the skin by making a water resistant barrier.

We also find it this RENDEZ-VOUS LIP BALM Fir tree oils (cuts).Bergamot (wounds, cold sores), Benzoic (cracking’s, irritations) andWood tea (anti-inflammatory) essential oils.

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