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Mosquito repellent - Oil spray for kids

Mosquito repellent - Oil spray for kids
CITROBUG / 125 ml
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Mosquito repellent from Citrobug - Oil spray for kids.


Sometimes it seems like no matter how much bug spray you put on, the flies never seem to cease! We understand your dilema here which is why we created a bug spray with 100% pure essential oils which repel tics, mosquitos, fruit flies along with many others. Our product has been recommended by health specialist because our unique formula does not include any synthetic molécules or any DEET. It is ideal for any vacation, camping trip, hunting expedition and of course family outings! It is recommended for children who are 2 years old and up. For children who are younger, we recommend our Citrolug which does not contain water, alcohol, or any added conservative agents. Enjoy the smell of lemon, camphor, eucalyptus, germanium and pine the next time you decide to go explore the wildernes.
Always supervise applications on children and do not applyto hands of young children. After returning indoors, wash treated skin and contaminated clothing with soap and water. Reapply at 2hours intervals only if exposure to mosquitos continues. Do not exceed 2 applications per day. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on children 2 years old or less. For eternal use only. May cause skin reactions sensitive individuals. Discontinue use if signs or irritation or rash appear.
Apply a thin film to exposed skin, avoiding eyes, mouth, wounds and sensitve, irritated or sunburned skin. To apply to face spray a small amount on hands and rub on face. Apply sparingly, ongly when necessary and not under clothing.