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Nutmilk - Matcha latte

Nutmilk - Matcha latte
DOSE / 355 ml
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Nutmilk - Matcha latte from Dose.
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When the beloved and soothing Matcha tea meets our delicious cashew milk, it makes something magical.
If you’re a fan of this Japanese herb, try having our Matcha Latte as a snack, to complete your breakfast or simply to treat yourself (healthily?). As are all our products, this flavored bottle is 100% natural – so no need to worry about drinking weird stuff that can be harmful for your health. It’s simply another plant-based milk that you’ll love very matcha! (Had to to it, sorry)
Why try our delicious Nuthing Else nutmilks ?
They are 100% natural. Made with cashews or almonds, all our new products contain no additives, no preservatives and, obviously, no lactose nor soy.
They contain 5 X more nuts and 5 X more proteins than the other nutmilks.
They taste delicious and have a creamy texture like the ones you are making at home.
Cashewmilk (filtered water, cashews), maple syrup, matcha, sea salt, acacia fiber, natural flavor, monk fruit

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