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Nutricap - Balm

Nutricap - Balm
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Hormonal variations (childbirth, menopause...), seasonal, reactional (tiredness, stress…), or dieting… our hair and our nails echo of our lifestyles. Nutricap Balmwith shea butter and a soft vanilla perfume ideally complete your beauty cares. Repairs and nourishing, it reinforces keratin and protects hair from the external forces. For styling it brings flexibility, vitality and shine to your hair.


The core of shea tree nuts contain 50% fatty substance. Its extraction allows you to obtain a natural butter which preserves all its properties : shea butter Shea butter brings flexibility and strength to dry hair and hair damaged by external conditions by reinforcing the capillary fibres.
After each shampoo, apply a dab of Nutricap Balm to wet hair. Comb in and let set 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse fully.