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Nutricap - Shampoo for fine and thinning air

Nutricap - Shampoo for fine and thinning air
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Nutricap Soft Gel Shampoo is specially design to add body, volume ans manageability to fine hair. Its innovative formula is rich in weat proteins and prolyteine , natural origin active ingredient, to revitalize the scalp, strengthen and thicken hair. Nutricap soft gel shampoo combines effectiveness and tolerance. Its gentle base makes it perfect for daily use.


Change of season, stress, tiredness, pregnancy, pollution... your hair is put to test. Result: hair is are dull, fragile or worse, it falls out. Today, more than 1 out of 2 men is concerned with problems of hair loss. Although the principal cause is genetic, certain factors such as stress, drugs, iron deficiencies... will increase the loss. The Nutricap range of anti-hair loss products bring 3 answers specific to the loss of hair: a shampoo, a topcial serum and a food supplement to help to slow down hair loss and to support hair growth. The Nutricap anti-hair loss shampoo with Prolytéine® intensifies your anti-hair loss care with its original, complete formula. Its ingredients fight against the loss of hair and brings volume and flexibility while facilitating hair styling.
Apply shampoo on wet hair, massage into scalp and to rinse well. For maximum results, apply and leave on 2 to 3 minutes for better penetration of the active ingredients. For the best results, follow with Nutricap capsules and lotion.

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