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Omega 3 - Perfect omega key lime

Omega 3 - Perfect omega key lime
BOTANICA / 450 ml
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Omega 3 - Perfect omega key lime from Botanica.
Previous name: Botanica Omegalicious
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Fish and cod liver oil dates back to the Viking Era when it was an important part of the Norse diet. It was cherished for its powers of healing, strength and energy. The Vikings called it the “Gold of the Ocean”.»
  • 1500mg of Omega-3’s
  • Sustainably sourced with a superior taste

Purified water, fish oil EPA & DHA Omega-3 (sardine and anchovy), xylitol, glycerine, vitamin E, gum acacia, natural flavours, citric acid.
Our fish oil comes from small-sized fish – sardines and anchovies. They are sustainably-sourced and certified by IFFO, The Marine Ingredients Organization & Friends of the Sea. To ensure purity, the fish undergo molecular distillation and are tested for heavy metals, PCBs, and other common contaminants. All ingredients are natural and free of GMOs, gluten, sugar, soy, dairy, and yeast.
  • Gluten free
  • NO GMO
  • Sugar free
  • Soy free
  • Dairy free
  • Friend of the sea
Adults: 2 tsp daily.
Children: 1 tsp daily.

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