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Black garlic

Black garlic
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Black garlic, organically grown in Quebec’s Eastern Townships.


Black Garlic is a complex new flavor, both sweet and savory. It adds a delicious savory taste, known as umami, to any dish. It deepens and intensifies flavor. It balances taste and rounds out the overall flavor of a dish. It has a molasses-like richness with tangy garlic undertones. It has a tender soft, chewy texture with a consistency similar to a soft dried fruit with flavors reminiscent of “balsamic vinegar” and “soy sauce,” “licorice” and “tamarind” with a sweet “prune-like” taste. It will add a richness to anything you cook and is used as a flavor enhancer by many chefs. It’s as delicious as it is unique. Black Garlic gives panache & excitement to almost any dish: soups, salads, veggies, rice, casseroles, meat dishes, even toast! It is soft & spreadable. It is sweet and has a complex, umami-rich flavor with hints of molasses and balsamic vinegar. No garlicky taste or bitterness!
“Music” garlic of the Porcelain cultivar, organically grown in Quebec’s Eastern Townships. No additives – only hand-selected artisanal garlic.