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Honey - Raw Buckwheat honey

Honey - Raw Buckwheat honey
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Raw Buckwheat honey by MIEL D'ANICET.


Never filtered or heated, raw honey does wonders for your health because it retains traces of pollen, propolis and beeswax as well as its original properties and aromas. Freshly harvested and extracted without added heat, it quickly crystallizes from its liquid state to reach a smooth, unctuous texture.
Buckwheat honey, with its dark amber colour, is ideal for full-bodied honey enthusiasts, Buckwheat blossoms give it its raw aroma, reminiscent of buckwheat flour with pruney notes of caramelized nuts. This honey brings back memories of farm visits!
It pairs marvellously well with breakfast and dessert, and is great honey to cook with.

  • Harvested in mid-August
  • Predominant flowers: buckwheat
  • Secondary flowers: goldenrod, aster, milkweed

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