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Organic butter - Salted

Organic butter - Salted
L'ANCÊTRE / 454 g
$11.99 CAD

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Organic butter - Salted from L'Ancêtre.
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Enjoy the true, time-honoured taste of real butter with L’Ancêtre organic butters. Our perfectly controlled churning technique is what gives our butters their smooth, rich and creamy texture.
This kosher butter, which is gluten free and has a low lactose content, is sure to enhance the flavour of all of your savoury recipes. Of course, we also recommend enjoying it just as it is, spread on a slice of high-quality bread.
Organic cream (organic milk), salt.
  • Less than 0.6 lactose
  • Gluten free
  • Animal rennet free
  • Kosher

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