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Organic infusion - Lovely Glögg

Organic infusion - Lovely Glögg
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Lovely Glögg organic infusion from LOV ORGANIC.


Flavoured blend of spices, fruits and hibiscus.
Go Scandinavian for the evening and enjoy a cup or two of Glögg, or Gløgg, with a fragrance and colour that evoke all the cosy warmth of a Nordic Christmas. Løv Organic has revisited the original recipe and come up with a fruity, spiced, organic blend which sets the scene perfectly for sharing a moment of festive cheer. The tart hibiscus and blackcurrant notes complement the captivating flavours of cinnamon, liquorice and cardamom. This absolute delight can be enjoyed all winter long.
Cinnamon*, raisins*, Hibiscus*, Lemon peels*, Blackcurrant*, Cardamom*, Liquorice*, Flavouring.

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