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Organic nuts - Raw pecans

Organic nuts - Raw pecans
PRANA BIO / 180 g
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Organic nuts from Prana - Raw pecans.


Raw, roasted, salted or sweetened pecans make a perfect addition to any meal! Add them to recipes such as smoothies, nut milk, deserts, raw pie crust, energy bars and especially in the infamous pecan pie!
A North American native staple food, before the arrival of the Europeans, pecans are particularly rich in unsaturated fatty acids as well as arginine, a heart beneficial amino acid. Ultimate cardiovascular protector, pecans have impressive antioxidant properties that help ward off aging cells and cancers. Rich in manganese, copper and zinc, this sumptuous and flavourful nut governs many metabolic processes in the body such as blood and collagen formation.
Organic pecans.
  • Certified organic
  • Gluten free
  • Non-GMOr
  • Raw