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Organic powder - Raw Maca

Organic powder - Raw Maca
PRANA BIO / 200 g
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Organic powder from Prana - Raw maca.


Maca is a tubercle that grows in the high Andean mountains at more than 4000 meters high. This arid mountain food is particularly known for its ability to increase libido and sexual vigor. Powerful aphrodisiac, maca is used in Peru to treat problem with impotency, loss of fertility, chronic fatigue, stress, memory and concentration problems, allergies and even menopausal symptoms.
Smoothies, teas, nut milks, coffee, juice, desserts, cereals, yogurts, puddings, jams, ice cream or whatever your heart desires. Maca is also an excellent match with cocoa and carob powder.
For consistent use, it is recommended that you consume 1-3 teaspoons each day and take a week off every month.
Organic Raw Maca Powder
  • Organic
  • Raw
  • Certified gluten-free
  • Non-GMO

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