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Herbal tea - Pleasant Dreams

Herbal tea - Pleasant Dreams
LALMA / 12 tea bags (2.8 g)
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This tea is a healthy addition to your every day nutrition choices and to treatments or diets specially formulated to help you relax and sleep better.


This herbal tea is for individuals seeking peaceful nights. The plants chosen for this infusion are known to help the body to relax ans fall asleep. PASSION FLOWER, LEMON BALM, VALERIAN and WILD LINDEN work together to make your night .....A PARADISE
Helps to have peaceful night and helps to relax.
This product is a drink and not a medicine. 100% natural, caffeine and theine free. No chemical additives. Unbleached tea bags.
1 cup before sleeping.
Organic passion flower, organic lemon balm, oganic linden, organic valerian, organic orange oil