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Women's Formulas - PMS Formula

Women's Formulas - PMS Formula
NATURAL FACTORS / 90 capsules
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Relieves pain associated with reproductive hormone imbalance.


Natural Factors PMS Formula addresses the root cause of hormonal imbalance which may result in unpleasant symptoms ranging from changes in mood to painful cramps. Standardized extracts of hormone-balancing vitex, dong quai, dandelion leaves, and passionflower guarantee purity and potency, and one capsule a day can offer relief from symptoms after just one month.
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Traditional herbal medicine for temporary relief of the symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome. More than just a Band-Aid, the herbs in this formula address the hormonal imbalance that is at the root of PMS. Reduced progesterone levels are often accompanied by elevated estrogen and prolactin levels causing the classic symptoms of PMS. Naturopathic physician and designer of the PMS formula, Angela Stengler, comments: "This hormonal imbalance causes a host of unwelcome symptoms. After several months on this formula, most women will notice a profoundly beneficial effect and may not need to use it further."
ADULTS: Take one capsule two times daily preferably before meals or as directed by your health professional.Take every day except dureing menstrual flow.Keep out of the reach of children.
Vitex extract120 mg
Dandelion leaf 4:1 extract80 mg
Passion flower 4:1 extract80 mg