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Pure organic maple syrup - The late harvest

Pure organic maple syrup - The late harvest
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Pure organic maple syrup naturellement gourmet.
The Late Harvest - Very dark strong taste.


Characterized by a rich and distinctive taste, this syrup comes from the last flows of the sugar season. Its intense caramel flavor makes it the perfect secret ingredient fora sauce, bringing out the natural flavors of meat and fish dishes. Ideal for glazing meat and vegetables. It is definitely the choice of the connoisseurs.

Our Naturally Gourmet maple syrup is collected in a century-old maple grove at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains, in Escuminac in the Chaleur Bay area. The rich soil combined with the climate swept by the salty sea-air of the golf of St. Lawrence is ideal for the production of maple syrup.

The grading system of maple syrup refers to its harvest time during the sugar season, rather than its quality. The taste and colour of maple syrup is simply a question of preference.

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