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Hair coloration Color&Soin - 24 shades

Hair coloration Color&Soin - 24 shades
COLOR & SOIN / 135 ml - Blond Mahogany - 7M
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Permanent color with plant extracts


Without ammonia, recorcine, paraben and silicone free.

Color & Soin® is a permanent hair dye that covers 100% of white hair from the first use, protects and takes care of the hair. It's tested under dermatological control, respects hair nature, minimises irritation and allergy risks. Moreover, thanks to the vegetal proteins and essential oils it contains, Color & Soin® stimulates hair shine, volume and suppleness.

Case containing:
- A vial of 60 mL of dye with plant extracts
- A vial of 60 ml of fixative
- A packet of 15 mL of hair balm
- A pair of gloves
- A leaflet
- Hair Balm
Its pH completes the coloring process, which is why it is important to apply it after washing and rinsing. It will close the hair scales, which would remain open and thus ensure the permanent attachment of the pigment. It has been formulated with essential oils of Eucalyptus and Rosemary who possess highly active constituents. These essential oils are traditionally known for their purifying and toning properties.

- Cocamide Dea
It is a composition of fatty acids which increases the viscosity provides excellent emulsifying properties and improves skin protectant to the mixture.

- Ethanolamine
Many permanent hair dyes contain ammonia, which by its aggressive nature affects the hair every time. However, in Color & Soin ®, use of ethanolamine as alkaline agent. Indeed, ethanolamine is a pH controller that allows reaction of coloring / bleaching with hydrogen peroxide to take place. Moreover, the alkaline agent promotes the swelling of the hair fiber, facilitating the penetration of color precursors in the hair.

- Fixer
It is the developer of color without which the process of oxidation of the dye would be impossible. Indeed, it is an emulsion of hydrogen peroxide will help to initiate the oxidation process, to clarify the melanin (natural pigment of the hair) and act on the precursors to reveal colors. This coloring process, called "permanent color, using oxidation dyes which penetrate inside the hair.

- Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
It is a mixture of partially hydrolyzed proteins extracted from grains (wheat, soybeans, oats and maize), which provides many properties including that covering the hair with a protective sheath that facilitates combing and styling. They are traditionally used for their skin-protective action and restructuring.
Ce produit contient des ingrédients qui peuvent causer de l'irritation cutanée chez certaines personnes; il faut donc d'abord effectuer une épreuve préliminaire selon les directives ci-jointes. Ce produit ne doit pas servir à teindre les sourcils et les cils; car en ce faisant on pourrait provoquer la cécité.
1 - Pour the contents of the Dyeing & Color Care ® in the bottle color fixative, shake for 2 minutes then remove the cap from the applicator tip.
2 - Apply the entire mixture immediately.
3 - Leave for 20 minutes. Pour a little warm water on your hair and knead slightly. Rinse thoroughly and wash your hair with a mild shampoo.
4 - Apply the Hair Balm and leave for 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
Saisissez du texte, l'adresse d'un site Web ou importez un document à traduire. Annuler Écouter Traduction (anglais > français) PEG-2 OLEAMINE. Purificata AQUA (eau purifiée). Cocamide DEA. L'alcool dénaturé (alcool). Propylène glycol. ÉTHANOLAMINE. OLEIQUE ACID. Sulfite de sodium. TETRASODIUM EDTA. Protéine végétale hydrolysée (Triticum vulgare, soja, maïs, Avena sativa). Érythorbate de sodium. 4-AMINO-2-hydroxytoluène. p-phénylènediamine. p-aminophénol. 4-chlororésorcinol.
24 shades
1- Verser le contenu de la teinture Color & Soin® dans le flacon fixateur de couleur, bien agiter pendant 2 minutes puis retirer le bouchon de l'embout applicateur.

2- Appliquer immédiatement la totalité du mélange.

3- Laisser agir 20 minutes. Verser un peu d'eau tiède sur les cheveux et malaxer légèrement. Rincer abondamment puis laver les cheveux avec un shampooing doux.

4- Appliquer le baume capillaire et laisser agir 2 minutes. Rincer abondamment.