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Rosehip oil from Chile

Rosehip oil from Chile
AURYS / 30 ml
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Rosehip oil from Chile from Aury's.


Rosehip oil is AURYS extra virgin olive oil obtained by cold pressed. It comes from seeds of wild rosehips from Chile (Rosa Aff. Rubiginosa). Rosehip oil is recognized as a powerful regenerative and restructuring of the epidermis. It is recommended for dry and wrinkled.
EXTERNAL USE for Spray oil on the areas to be treated, conduct circular movements until completely absorbed. Use the pure oil in cases of burns, scars, tasks. For prolonged use, it is preferable to mix the Rose Hip Oil at 10 to 15% in a fatty oil such as sweet almond, argan, or Jojoba. You can also mix Rosehip oil in a cream or lotion for the face or hands.