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Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream

Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream
WELEDA / 50 g

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Softens and Protects


Dry, thirsty hands get replenishing moisture and revitalizing nutrients with this fast-absorbing hand cream. It's an intensely nourishing treatment that repairs, restores and protects your hands from skin-damaging elements. Sun-soaked Biodynamic sea buckthorn oil is packed with essential fatty acids that lavishly moisturize, and pro-vitamin A and vitamin E, which smooth, soften and strengthen your skin. Formulated together with antioxidant-rich organic sesame seed oil, your hands are protected and rendered palpably soft and smooth. With a citrusy fragrance from sun-drenched essential oils from mandarins, oranges and grapefruits, it looks like you have a fresh, solid grip on caring for your beautiful hands.