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Shea Butter - Organic & Fair Trade

Shea Butter - Organic & Fair Trade
KARIDERM / 60 ml
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Organic Shea butter unrefined and fairly traded,


Shea butter is a highly nutritious and regenerating skin moisturizer. Its specific combination of fatty acids, sterols and vitamins A, D and E, plays a determining role in the health of skin cells, therefore placing shea butter as a choice product to protect, nourish and regenerate the skin. Shea butter is also the oil with the highest unsaponifiable content, made of complex organic elements that act directly on skin cells health. Highly nutritious and regenerating, the unsaponifiables in shea butter help maintain the skin beautifully healthy.
The Kariderm products are made from a high quality, certified organic and unrefined shea butter, following a traditional method that guarantees purity and a superior quality butter.

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