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Sparkling soda - Tonic

Sparkling soda - Tonic
1642 / 750 ml
$5.99 CAD

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Sparkling soda - Tonic 1642.
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Embodies the essence and aromas of spruce & lime, for an enticingly flavourful bitterness without the presence of quinine. Subtly sweet, it raises the bar to become the perfect complement to your gin of choice.
Unique sparkling sodas created with quality natural ingredients. In fact, 1642 soft drinks are made with natural sugars, spring water and natural flavors ensuring a unique taste, refreshing mixes and a pleasurable experience in every sip.
Is defined by quality and our guarantee of delivering premium products. Our production process ensures a strict control and pasteurization that safeguards our products without the usual preservatives found in traditional sparkling sodas.
Our certifications, including Product of Canada, is further proof of the selection, sources and quality of our ingredients. .
Carbonated spring water, cane sugar, spruce natural flavours, citric acid.
  • Product of Canada

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