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Cattier - Superfine white clay

Cattier - Superfine white clay
CATTIER / 200 g
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Superfine White Clay is the softest of the clays and can be used to beneficial effect.


Cattier Superfine White Clay is used in facial masks and for poultices, due to its beneficial action. Cattier Superfine White Clay, with its neutral pH, is particularly appropriate for the care of dry, fragile skins. It is a valuable aid in the care of irritated skin. Absorbent, regenerating and soothing, it eliminates impurities, revitalises and calms whilst encouraging healthy cellular renewal. With its high content of micro-nutrients, it provides the skin with minerals and oligo-elements.
White Clay.
Preparation of the clay paste: Pour the desired quantity of clay into a glass or wooden container. Add little by little spring water, using a non-metallic spatula, to obtain a smooth paste. Leave it to rest for about half an hour.

- For a facial mask: Apply the clay paste in a thick coat over the face and neck, avoiding the eye and lip areas. Leave on for approximately 10 minutes without allowing the mask to dry on the skin. Rinse off with tepid water and dry the skin with a cotton towel. Complete the treatment by applying a moisturising cream.

- As a poultice: Place the clay paste on a piece of natural fibre and, using a non-metallic spatula, spread it out to a thickness of 2-3 centimetres. Lay the poultice with the clay directly in contact with the skin and hold it in place with a bandage, but not too tightly. If the poultice needs to be applied to an irritated area, lay some fine gauze between the clay and skin. When it comes to taking it off, remove as much of the clay as possible, wetting it if necessary, then rinse off with tepid water and dry with a cotton towel.

- For use in the bath: Pour two tablespoons of crushed clay into a large glass of spring water. Stir, using a non-metallic spatula, then add the mixture obtained to the bathwater.